Why did I buy Mapletree Commercial Trust (N2IU.SI) as my first stock?

Wealth Growing was never a part of my family’s mind. In fact, my father discouraged me from investing in stocks. It was lonely, learning about this all by myself. Especially, when I wanted to make my first investment, I had to find my own courage to do so.

The reason I bought Mapletree Commercial Trust (N2IU.SI) is pretty simple. So simple that a friend in the financial industry said that that was not the right way to invest. I still think I made a good choice.

Basically, I woke up one day and had this strong feeling that I should invest in a REIT that will benefit from the Greater Southern Waterfront development1. I won’t go into numbers because I still find it hard to understand what does the number means. However, these are the main reasons why I got it:

(1) Vivocity
Mapletree Commercial Trust (N2IU.SI) owns Vivocity. Which would benefit from the Greater Southern Waterfront development. If it doesn’t, it is still the only mall that tourists have to pass to get through Sentosa.

(2) Business Buildings
Mapletree Commercial Trust (N2IU.SI) owns multiple business buildings such as PSA Building, Mapletree Anson, etc.. They all have high tenancy rate which means these properties are in good health.

(3) Growth
If you look at their historical chart, you’ll see that the stock has been performing quite well and is steadily growing. That to me, is a sign of growth.

And that’s it! My reasons on why I picked Mapletree Commercial Trust (N2IU.SI) as my first stock. I obviously went through multiple articles on the internet and took a day or two to think before I invested. I admit I was a little FOMO when I saw everyone was buying during the COVID-19 market dip in March. I guess, FOMO-ness was the push I needed to invest in my first stock.

After writing my first article and realising how noob-ish my thought processes are – I decided to put a disclaimer on the header instead of my tagline.

  1. I was at a phase where I kept day-dreaming about my future house like all girls do. []

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