Good Times Ahead

Singapore is currently entering its hotter season. I read on the news that the temperature rose up to 36•Celsius. ?? I often ask my friends who lived overseas about surviving hot seasons in other countries. They said that it’s not so bad overseas because they don’t have as much humidity as Singapore. 

I can’t comprehend this. I have only experienced hot weather with humidity in Southeast Asia. ?

But anyho, I recently caved in and bought a portable Akira aircon for my room.?? I share my room with 2 other people, so it’s extremely stuffy this time of year. ? I didn’t research on what aircon to buy. I bought mine simply because the Akira brand promoter was more pleasant compared to others. ?? 


My room wasn’t designed with aircon (or technology?) in mind, so it was hard finding a spot for it. The window, where I had placed the air vent, had gaping openings which I could not cover. ?

Solution. I went to Daiso the next day, bought small wooden planks, glued all of them together and covered the hole. Still, there is this palm sized hole which i covered with the curtain. I can live with that. ?
The portable aircon worked well for my needs. Not super strong since I let it stay on 25•Celsius , according to the energy saving tips the government sent us. However it was noisy and I was not expecting that. The demo at the store was silent and I thought it was like that. Apparently, it’s normal. And it’s a good thing my sister, who is sharing the room, and I didn’t mind the noise! ????

My other big splurge for that month – or from my first salary, was to buy a $200 Linksys router. ? I was very excited to finally be able to utilize my 1gbps internet speed. I don’t know if it’s placebo, but it’s definitely faster. ?

Before I went to set it up, I told my distant, recluse-like father about the router purchase. He got all excited and took over the set up! ? I was like 10% annoyed because I like to be in control. But I’m glad that there is something my father can look forward to. Putting father over self. ? /win

However, the internet went down the next day and I had to reset the modern. ? So, in the end, I still took over. Oh well. 

But exciting times. I’ve stopped all the big purchases for this month. Next month, I’m going to buy a standing fan for my father, a menstrual cup and one other big purchase. ?

Life is about progressing anyway.  ?

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