The Month I became Jobless

I went on a month holiday to Thailand and Surabaya in 2 months back. I thought that when I get back there would be work for me. Unfortunately, that was not the case. ☹️ So for the months of December and January, I had no income. I’ve been relying on my non-existence savings, and borrowed money. ?

I wish I could say that I was very productive for the month that I’ve been jobless. I mean I have tons of things I want to do, I just happen to procrastinate a lot. ? The reason I didn’t look for a new job because I was holding onto hope that there would be still work from my previous job.

However, I did revamped my father’s room and I’m super proud of it ? – I should’ve taken a before-after picture.

He went away for 2 months, and I took this opportunity to tear down his room. Threw every furniture, painted the whole room and re-layout his sleeping area. I did this all by myself, gotten lots of shits from my grandmother for “not knowing what your father’s temper is like” ? , and went to ikea numerous times to buy different furnitures. For those without cars, just hire a gogovan. Saved my life twice when I bought furnitures that I can’t even carry. ?

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

One thing on my master list is done. My next master project would be converting my storeroom into a bedroom. I’m sure it’s possible, I just need to figure out how first.

Other than the room, I did nothing. I tried learning to code on CodeUpStart and start a side project hoping that it would boost my online presence if said project takes off – but I haven’t find the motivation to complete the lessons ? . (I’m going to try and finish the lessons after this)

I attempted to design a new website for Ribbonhood, but I’m not sure how I want to brand myself so that did not take off – I did finalised a logo though ?. I also stared at Merhost for quite a bit because I know the site needs a refresh.

However, in the midst of all of these. I got a job! Yay me!

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