Where am I now?

I got retrenched 2 months back?, and am now freelancing at an advertising firm for a bit before my big holiday next month?. I have planned 3 months worth of holidays to Thailand, Indonesia and Japan. I’m really excited and pumped up?! I’ve also been hard at work with volunteering to design for my church’s various activities like church camps and other stuffs ?.

The day I got retrenched, I was dressed up to party.

I’m also going to start saving again because I blew about $200 shopping when I got 2 months worth of salary credited into my account?. On the bright side, it’ll be delivered tomorrow?! There are still many things I want to buy though, like books and heels and a blusher (I’m currently using my lipstick as a blusher?).

Here are some stuffs that happened this past few months.

My boyfriend is currently working at this restaurant-bar, and I cannot express how life-changing when I tasted this beef that the chef whipped up for me.

It was free(bonus!), and I didn’t know meat can melt in your mouth!
My first hot cocktail for my flu! I’m drinking this honey whisky as a remedy the next time i catch the flu bug.

My stuffs from Kickstarter came this month!

Halo Back! Have not used it yet, but my boyfriend’s phone seems to be working fine.
PolarIce! Not sure how if it works, as it was a gift for my boyfriend.

October was my birthday month. I didn’t cared for a big celebration or anything. The first thing I did was to book a Brazilian Wax appointment ; with the birthday promo it was cheaper.

Check out my cake! My boyfriend made it for me! With the help of a chef though.
Not a soft toy person, but this is my favourite as I felt it was a good representative of my boyfriend. (boyfriend loves penguins to death)

And that concludes my post. I think I will regret the excessive filters that I put all of the images sooner or later. It’s the kind of thing where you look back at your Friendster profile and cringe. ?


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