Expected Expenditure for the Coming Months

I have a lot of things that I have to purchase in the coming months. Items are still in my cart, and I’m thinking of ways to reduce said amount. I really do not want to spend money as I’m trying to save as much as possible – especially now when I was paid 2 months of salary at one go. Here are some of things I need/have to buy:

Home and Living

  • Mattress (Live-in maid is sleeping on thin mattress because grandmother threw the thicker one away without letting me know) – $100
  • 100pc x Hangers (Previous hangers broke, plus there are more clothes to hang now) – $40
  • Steam Vacuum (Previous vacuum broke) – $70
  • Plastic Storage Containers (Father is a hoarder) – $80
  • Bed frame (Father need smaller bed for bigger room space) – $100


  • Tablet (Christmas present for my grandmother requested by my mother) – $100/$139
  • 100 sheets Fujifilm (Mine ran out) – $85
  • Earpiece (Lost my Apple earpiece) – $50


  • Bangkok to Chiang Rai Domestic Flight – $50
  • Chiang Mai to Bangkok Domestic Flight – $50
  • Travel insurance – $??


  • Christmas Tree (Mom gave away ours years ago) – $20
  • Presents for family in Thailand – $100

And that is my reduced version of my initial “shopping list”, and excluding other expenditures such as salary for my live-in helper, monthly allowance to my mom and bills. I feel like my family don’t know how much I have to spend and they take my for granted because I’m the eldest and I earn the most.

I also have to change the house bills over to my name(more bills!), and next year have to upgrade my 20 mbps internet speed as there are 4 people in my household using it.

I cannot deal with incoming stress or people who tries to oppose me. One of my next step of action is leveraging my mom’s allowance by making her say what i want to say to my grandmother – this way I won’t have to deal with her opposition.

Tell grandmother that I’m revamping father’s room and she is NOT to say anything. And tell grandmother that she SHOULD have told me when she threw away the maid’s original mattress. Because I didn’t know that the maid was sleeping in such dreadful conditions – it’s abuse!

Oh! And if my mom does anything stupid I’m just going to say “You taught me to forgive but you don’t do the same. You don’t save money. You don’t think of the future. All these I WILL learn from you, and if I suffer in the future, it’ll be because you set up such a ‘good’ role model“. Hopefully this line will wake her up from her naiveness.

I’m so tired of trying to manage everyone in my family. Why can’t they grow up?

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