Speaking is a skill

I just got off the phone with a recruiter – and I knew I screwed it up.

I am not very good at phone calls or meetings.  My mind goes blank, I’ll get nervous and I’ll start spouting nonsense.

The recruiter was looking to hire someone with UX/UI skills. As a designer in a small tech firm, I have to do both UX and UI – which meant I fit the bill right? But because she called out of the blue, I wasn’t prepared to talk to her or plan a mock scenario in my head. I came across as someone who is unskilled and inexperienced.

When the recruiter asked me if I do UX work, my mind was racing – trying to dig up the proper description of a UX designer. But my mind wasn’t fast enough and I told her “I do very minimal UX” in an attempt to end the topic. STRIKE ONE!

She was nice, she tried to ask how I do I go about designing a website. I know what I do, I can tell you in great detail right now how I plan, research and eventually design a website. But I couldn’t when the recruiter asked me. I said something along the lines of “I sketch with paper and pen, then I design.STRIKE TWO!

I didn’t talk about my thought process, my research and the conclusion. She asked about using prototyping tools (which cost money), and I just said “no, I don’t use them” when I could have said “These products cost money, and it’s not feasible to use a trial versions of different prototyping tools for different projects” or I could have explained that even though paper and pen is a non-technological tool, using paper and pen speed things up as I can sketch, add notes and erase easily.

SEE! I can do well in a phone interview, if I had just prepared.
So always prepare for an interview. Know the job you’re interviewing for, know the position you’re applying for, and talk about your work and yourself confidently.


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