Busy Tuesday

Over the weekend, I helped my friend paint a mural at this new restaurant. ? I thought it’ll be until 1am – but I stayed all the way till 4am. And it was less than half done! ?

After work:

So on Tuesday, I took leave from work to help finish painting the mural. I was exhausted! ? Straight after work on Monday, I rushed home to change out of the clothes I wore for 3 days straight ? (I didn’t go home over the weekend for a change of clothes), was the last person at the art store buying extra paint supplies, then rushed down to the restaurant. ?


But no, I couldn’t start painting yet. I was helping another friend with his portfolio. ? So while the rest was painting, I was busy on my laptop fixing his WordPress portfolio theme. When I was done, it was almost midnight. ? My friend(the one painting), bought Happy Meal from Macdonalds for my dinner.  ?


At midnight, I started painting. I painted, napped then continue painting. This went on all the way till the next day 10am. ?


I have been working non stop since 10am on Monday till 10am on Wednesday. ?Even though it was tiring, it was great fun and I learnt a lot on mural painting. ☺️

I had breakfast/lunch before going home to sleep. Boyfriend text-wake me up at 6pm so that I wouldn’t sleep too long, else I wouldn’t be able to sleep later on.


After waking up, my day hasn’t ended. ? I ate dinner before starting on my freelance work. And! After my freelance work, I had to do my portfolio. Just a simple html site but it took ages for me because I was learning how to code at the same time. I’m pretty proud on the learning process though. ☺️

Anyho, I have not uploaded it yet, but you can check out the 70% done version at my Portfolio site . I’m still working out some kinks here and there like CSS transitions and animations, it have to look smooth and put-together.  ?


By the time I was done with my portfolio, and fiddling with codepen. It was 4am. Time to sleep. Another 4 hours till I have to wake for work. ?

So that was what I did on my leave. Busy Tuesday huh?

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