I panicked.

I had Merhost for almost a year. I started it as a platform to host my friends and my many websites. I didn’t intend it to be a business although I front it like one. 

While at work today, an international number called me. And you know how expensive international calls are. 

So this guy with a heavy accent called me for a ‘business talk’. I handled it really badly. I was thinking about my phone bills and my boss who were sitting a few feet behind me. 

I told the guy “not interested” and hung up. He called again and I said something along the lines of “do you know that this is an international phone call?”.

Think the dude was pretty upset because he asked why I hung up his call and he wanted to talk to my manager, which is me. In my defense, I said “not interested”. I told him I really was not interested and ended the call then. 

I felt really bad. I should have let him said his piece and then tell him not interested. 🙁 one minute of international call shouldn’t cost that much right? 

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