Who am I

Half of my life I’ve been living in the role of what others have expected from me. I know what I should do in each role. Year after year, I ‘settled’ in my role. I wasn’t unhappy, however I wasn’t happy either.

I wanted to be someone stronger?, beautiful? and independent?. So, I took a big plunge and made a drastic change in my life.

Imagine for the past decade, you’ve been eating salad because someone wanted you to.  You aren’t unhappy eating salad, in fact, you’re just ‘hmm.. okay.. just a salad?‘.  When one day, someone said “Eat whatever you want?“. You’re not sure of what’s out there, you just know your salad. What if ‘out there’ taste bad? ?

And I have been trying, to see what’s out there. I’m not sure if I’m succeeding or not. I’m not sure if I’m enjoying this freedom/failure. It’s very hard to understand without context, so I’m just gonna use salad and bacon from now on.

So I’m tasting this bacon. At times it’s good, at times it’s bad. Thing is, you can never go wrong with bacon!? Is it the way I cook my bacon? I would never go back to eating just salad again. But is this love/hate relationship with bacon worth it? Every time the bacon taste bad, it makes me really sad. ?

I’m glad I have a wonderful boyfriend who encourages me, “It’s not you, that batch of bacon was just bad“. ?

I try to keep a positive light⭐️ on this, but it’s hard to believe that. Maybe it is a bad batch. Maybe I should move on. Maybe I should learn how to cook them properly.

Started this post sad and ended it not sad. 

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    1. Yea, everyone says to go outside the comfort zone. But sometimes its not easy, because there are hurdles after hurdles. I’ll still say go for it though – because people should work towards their happiness and when they finally reach their end goal, they can feel like they did it.

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