Sister’s Trip to Bangkok 4D3N

This is the first trip sister(plus an in-law)’s trip that I organised, and I think it went well. Since I’m the organiser, I was a little critical over some stuffs; I wanted it to be perfect. So this is my things to note in the future list.

  1. Hotels must be maximum 5 minutes walk away, because it’s too hot to walk under the sun for more than 5 minutes.
  2. If traveling in 4(s), taxi is better than tuktuk. And taxi is cheaper imo.
  3. Get attraction names in thai. Local have different names for Talad Rodfai and some don’t know what Asiatique is!
  4. No portable chargers in check-in luggage.
  5. Night Market at Victory Monument is meh.
  6. Chatuchak is f-hot. Go during mid afternoon is much better than going during noon. Bring the Chatuchak Map and a handfan.
  7. Union Mall is not nice at all. Despite what other blogs says. The clothes are good but there wasn’t a nice vibe to ‘inspire’ shopping. It’s too local and empty. And the locals do not shop.
  8. Khaosan Road is meh, if you’re not drinking.

I think that’s my list for now. I hope it helps when you’re travelling to Bangkok! So here are pictures!

At Talad Rotfai. Delicious! But avoid the scallops/clams looking thing, it was tasteless.
Where was this when I needed a pregnancy test kit? I want this machine in Singapore.

My hotel! I love it except for the fact that its about 10 minutes walk from the nearest BTS and the wifi is shit.

I would put my itinerary up here, but I did not follow it at all. Everyday was spontaneous. Oh well.

Anyway, I should talk about my hotel.

K Maison opened in June 2015, and I was blessed to be able to get a room there. I love the idea of fresh paint, new furnishing, and the interior of the whole place is beautiful. I don’t mind the small room, I applaud the designer who manage to fit everything in without compromising on aesthetics.

The internet in the room was not fantastic, however they had a smart TV and my korean drama streamed really fast over there. I spent my free time watching The Heirs on the TV.

It is about 10 minutes walk to the Victory Monument BTS. Normally I wouldn’t mind but in June, the weather was hot and I have 3 people following me. But it’s alright. The staff are amazingly patient and friendly. They seemed like the kind where they’ll remember you if you come back a second time.

Overall, I would pick this hotel again just for the staff and rooms.

I shall end this off with a gif of me.

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