Lost Opportunities

It’s the time of the month where I feel a bit upset at my lost opportunities.

I just received a message from my sister’s tuition teacher for the payment for the past 3 months worth of tuition – I understand I have to pay it. Usually I’ll pay monthly, and it doesn’t seem like a big sum. However, paying 3 months full is another story, I have to empty my savings just to pay it. And I was saving it for my Japan trip. 😞

A friend just graduated from university and I felt a pang of jealousy. I was supposed to go to a university, but I have to go out in the real world to work. And because I go to  private school, I’m not eligible for any government help.

I constantly remind myself that I should work hard. And if you work hard, everything will turn out well.

But no matter how hard I work, I still cannot catch my break.


Every since my parents divorced, they haven’t been parents. I wish I could blame them for making me pick up the pieces, but they raised me well and happy. And because of that, I can’t blame them at all. But I still wished they stop whatever they’re doing and be a parent.

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