How’s Life?

I’ve been so busy with work and outside stuffs that I don’t have the time to update Ribbonhood. 😔 I mean I do have time, but I rather use said time to not do anything. I just want to lie and just play my phone stare at the ceiling, and be zen.

So to improve that, I downloaded the IFTTT app where if I were to hashtag my instagram uploads, it’ll get uploaded to Ribbonhood. Pretty sweet huh. I like all these automation. I also had this IF recipe where if I get tagged on Facebook, it’ll save the picture on Dropbox.

Anyway, I just ordered a floor chair online from Qoo10! 😁

Floor Chair
Mesh Pastel Floor Chair

It’s gonna be useful to me! Because I don’t have a computer table and I work sitting on the floor, with the coffee table as my uh.. table.

I’ll try post a picture when it comes! Hopefully, by this week.

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