No Sleep Weekend

How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic! With great friends, and my boyfriend came back after 3 weeks working in Japan. 🎉

On Friday, I met up with my primary school friends for korean dinner🍴. After dinner, all the bars that they wanted to go were packed so I brought them to my favourite cocktail bar in Sommerset! 😁 Kuvo at Orchard Shopping Centre! It’s intimate and I love Yutaka-san(the Head Bartender)’s drinks! Al is friendly, and he always makes an effort to talk to me whenever I’m sitting at the bar look lost. 😶

Here is a picture of my drink🍸!

After that, I went to Loyang to drink beer 🍺 and play catch up.

Saturday and Sunday passed fast. On Saturday, my friend got married, and I’m so happy for him. It was nice to meet up with my friends at the wedding, and I almost cried while the bride was giving her speech. It was really touching, and she was tearing up as well.😢

Saturday night however, I went to Koi at Circular Road to have more fun! Was supposed to celebrate the wedding with the groom, but he left early. My plan was to dance till the next morning before heading to Changi airport. My boyfriend was asking,

“Are you going to pick me up drunk?”

I even made a signboard in Japanese for him!

But it was not meant to be😪. After dancing the night away (or was it morning), my friends and I went to OBBA, a Korean restaurant, for supper! Because of supper, I was late in picking my boyfriend up. I was genuinely upset because I planned the whole event perfectly. I even told him, “I can force out a tear to show you how upset I am right now.” 😭

I cannot stay upset for long, I miss him too much!💗 So we went back home and unpacked and showered. By the time we finally got to sleep, it was already 8am. I slept in his arms till 5pm on Sunday afternoon. 😂

Oh! The only bad thing about my weekend was that I saw my ex’s relatives. She saw me, gave a black look and walked away really fast as though I was a virus, or someone she really hated.

There was many emotions running through my head. First I was happy 😃 because I saw a familiar face whom I haven’t seen in a long time, then sadness 😔 because she obviously didn’t like me anymore, finally anger 😡, because she don’t know the whole story. There was also definitely confusion 😕, before it ended with a IGAF 💁🏻.

I don’t owe her an explanation.

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