Helper’s Birthday

I hired a live-in helper to clean my house and take care of my Grandmother when I’m away at work. She’s been with me for almost half a year, and as an employer, I try to make her feel happy and comfortable working for me.

April 9th was her birthday, and I decided to celebrate her birthday (like how your company celebrates your birthday). So, after work, I went around looking for the cheapest birthday cake as I’m on a budget and I got my maid a phone for her birthday.

My family has always bought chocolate cakes during birthdays, and this time round, I decided to do away with the traditions and I got a butter cake with strawberry filling.

I wasn’t surprised that that was her first time celebrating her birthday, but I was surprised she didn’t know at which end of the candle to light. I meant when the candle was fitted with this tiny candle holder to hold the candle on the cake. She was asking if it’s at the candle’s tip or the holder’s end.

Subway Cookie that I couldn’t finish for lunch as the cake’s topping!

(so was the phone that I gave her – I’m going to sell it as brand new, and buy another one).

No one could finish the cake slice and I had diarrhoea after eating it. Couldn’t sleep, work the next day was exhausting. However, I got better towards the end of the work, so I went out and drink. Aha.

Then a primary school friend confessed to me.  

4 thoughts on “Helper’s Birthday”

  1. That was nice of you to celebrate your helper’s birthday! Even if the cake (and the phone) did turn out to be horrible, at least your gesture was a good one! ^^

  2. That was such a lovely idea to celebrate their birthday. It is a shame that the cake was not very good or the phone. It sounds like they must come from a very different lifestyle so I am sure that they really appreciated it. Sometimes little things can make a huge different to people.

  3. It’s awesome that you threw a celebration for your helper! It shows that you do care about her well being too, and the happier the helper is, the better she’ll take care of your grandma :D. Since this is your helper’s first time celebrating her birthday, I’m sure it really means a lot to her. Hopefully she enjoyed the celebration! Any form of celebration, big or small is always great.

    I’m sorry to hear that the cake got you sick :(. Hopefully your helper didn’t get sick too! That’s the thing about cakes, I’m so picky with them because I usually end up getting sick eating the lower quality ones *__*. Hope you’re on your way to a full recovery!

    1. I recovered after a day in the toilet. I now understand the importance of good quality cakes. It makes a lot of different, from presentation to taste to not getting sick from it. I’m not going to be cheap with the cakes anymore.

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