Pregnancy Kit

My period came yesterday or today…

It was very light, unlike the normal period. And it’s not the first time.
Last cycle, it was the same. Naturally, I became worried. 

I googled at work, and most of the results were something like
“If you’re not pregnant, …”


The whole day, I was feeling worried.  I was prepping myself in the event of anything happening. I didn’t want to get pregnant. I’m not ready for it. I just got a new job, a semi-new relationship. I just hired a live-in maid. My internet bill is 2 months overdue. No. I am not ready yet. 

After work, I went to buy the Clearblue pregnancy test kit. It was my first time.  I went into the shop, and picked the most expensive kit. I saw others half the price of Clearblue. But, I was too embarrassed to look and compare kits. Took the kit, went to the cashier and paid. As though I buy pregnancy kits very often. I wanted to appear confident in front of the cashier. 

Anyway, I got home then had dinner and all. Does curry affect the results? 

It was 11pm when I finally took the test..




Not Pregnant.

Yay! Celebrate! I felt relief! 
Sent a message to my boyfriend to let him know what happened. He’s working now, so I got to wait..

But yea.. $25 gone. Damn it, should have gotten the $10 test kit instead.
My money.. 

10 thoughts on “Pregnancy Kit”

  1. I had a bit of a scare last year when I had my period for a week shy of two months. 🙁 Literally all signs were pointing to cancer, and I was totally freaked out. Congrats on not being pregnant. 😉 Searching Google is always the worst with this stuff. :/

  2. Sometimes diet and stress plays a huge part in missing your delaying your period. I used to have those days of worry too when I was in high school and then I found out I had PCOS.

    1. PCOS? What’s that?
      Maybe it could be the stress.. I just started a new job, and there is so much to learn and to prove myself for.

  3. I always get paranoid whenever my period comes late; not because I’m pregnant but because if it means I’m going to have a hard time having a kid in the future. (I heard irregular periods can be the reason to that, but I’m not entirely sure). I’m glad you’re not pregnant now :). It’s always a scare, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

    1. Yes, I’m actually thinking of investing in birth control pills after the last scare. But,.. is the money spent worth it? It’s really pricey here, in Singapore.

  4. I was two weeks late last month. I also took a test, and thank goodness it was negative. We’re not financially ready to have a kid yet.

    Yay for you also being negative! 😀 We gotta be even more careful.

    1. Yes. My life is not very stable yet, and I cannot have a child if I don’t have a proper future and financial.

      And thank you! I’m going to be more careful from today onwards.

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