Online Shopping Haul!

 I promised myself that I would stop, but it BACKFIRED!
I am still happy that I got all of these nice stuffs, but I should be saving up for my Japan trip. 

January, is my spending month. February, I must stop. 

Taobao (Website)
My orders from Taobao came last week! Yay! Everything looks good, but I can’t believe I only ordered 3 items.  Should have bought more.. It’s not even enough for a Chinese New Year set.

I love my purchases (shirt not included)!
Close up of the skirt. I love it!
Fruit socks! How cute is that?

Here is the list of shops where I bought my items from:


But unfortunately, I bought the wrong size for the shoe.  I’m a size 37, but I bought a 36. Do you think a clobber can fix that? 

DazzleMe Lens (Website)
Heard of this shop from a friend and since I need new lens, I thought “why not?”
I was initially scared of buying it, but there was so much positive reviews online that it has to be legit and of good quality. 

A photo posted by Karen Boswell (@karenboswell) on

And I love all my lens!  They are all so pretty! I do have astigmatism but … it’s too expensive to buy lens from them. I will take good care of my eyes! Eye drops and all. Although I have been slacking with the cleaning a little.  I’ll go change my lens solution after this entry! 

Lastly, I will end this entry with my latest purchase! I have successfully backed a Kickstarter project. A book called This Year Will Be Different – A Guide for Freelancers. I read the featured interview, and I was sold!

I think its very important to learn and improve one self, especially in your 20s. I’m 24 this year, so I’m rushing a little bit. Need to juice up everything in my mind before I turn 30.

3 thoughts on “Online Shopping Haul!”

  1. Even though you told yourself you wouldn’t shop anymore, at least you got some nice things out of your haul? :P. Your skirt looks really cute! I love how it flares out! Hopefully you’ll find some resolution out of getting the smaller shoes :(.

    It looks like you’ll enjoy yourself with a bunch of new lens! It’s definitely an important time to learn about yourself and adjust yourself to the right habits! Everything starts in step 1!

  2. Hi! Just dropped by at your blog! 🙂 Your skirt looks good on you.
    I started to shop this month too. I guess I really can’t resist shopping online because the photos are so inviting lol.
    Your socks are so cute!. <3
    Anyways, its okay, we are only young once so enjoy life <3 Buy what makes you happy. 🙂

    Have a good day!

  3. The skirt’s cute! I like the style 🙂

    And yeaaaaaaah. Shopping. I tell myself not to buy so much, and I do X___X; Something about the act of buying is super addicting. However, I only get that way with books, animes, mangas, and video games. Clothes shopping is not a thing I enjoy X_X;

    Anyway, as for Japan, yes, research, research, research. I can tell you right now that if you’re into fashion, Harajuku and Shibuya in Tokyo are the places you’d want to go. I’d go to Tokyo first. And if you want to, you can always go on a day or a two-day side trip to Osaka and Kyoto. However, I prefer to stay in one “area”, so when I went to Tokyo, I just stayed in Tokyo.

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