Laneway 2015

How was your weekend?
Mine was awesome! Tiring but awesome! 

I went to my first ever music festival and it was so much fun! I met friends and I watch performances that I’m actually interested in. 

During FKA Twigs set
Laneway FNB Tokens

I bought $30 worth of tokens, and guess how much did I use? Just $10! What a waste! 

I went to visit a friend working at the Stoli booth, and there was this photobooth thing that prints out instant pictures if you #hashtag them on instagram. I got to have one! In fact, I took 2  pictures. Heh heh. 


First time I tried Stoli and it’s not bad uh..  I like it.

That day, I had Gin & Tonic, Stoli Cocktails and Sailor Jerry Rum.  Not a lot, but all of these were really good.

After Laneway, my friends and I went to eat Thai food at Aroy Dee. Then after that, I went to pick my boyfriend up from work. (So busy! ) He was bartending at 28, and ending his shift at 1am.

Yummy Tom Yum
So handsome!

Guess what I saw at the bar! 

Proud girlfriend. 😀

And my night didn’t end there.  After my boyfriend’s shift, we went to hang out with his friends all the way till 7am! 

What a night! But I love it! 

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