Creepy Guy

It’s 4am here, and I’m just going to write a quick post before crashing. Got to work tomorrow.

I just came back from Kyo at Cecil Street. It was a fun night/morning. Been so long since I let loose.

Anyway, my friend and I and her group of friends, we were dancing together. Hip hop night, so think of Fort Minor, Justin Timberlake, Usher, etc.. When this creepy 40ish guy came in to join our group. Mind you, we were just a bunch of 20s. So this 40ish guy, was dancing, waving his hands around, with this big smile on my face. He looks like a father.

Obviously, we ignored him. Creeper went off, and came back later with a glass in his hand. And then this happened! According to a friend, he purposely spilled his glass to blame it on us. What the fuck.

We apologize and all. But he was just standing there, in the middle of our dance circle. Like a statue. Or a young boy throwing a tantrum.

Anyway, I bend over, wanting to take my bag on the floor, and creeper decided to pat/stroke my head. Oooookay……

My friend then was like “I’ll get you another drink. But stop disturbing my friend (me!)”. Such a good wing women. 🙂

Creeper guy changed his tactic, went towards another friend to tell her, “I’ll pay you $5000, if you sleep with me. ”


If you’re 40, probably have a wrinkly penis, and look like you have a kid, please stay away from young adults. Because you’ll come across as pedophile-ish.

What a night for a Thursday!

Oh well, I’m going to sleep now. 4 more hours till I have to wake for work.

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