Happy New Year to people of the Internet! How was your new year?

Before I start this post..
Photobucket iPhone app should really have an option to create albums – had to navigate through Photobucket.com desktop view (yes, you can’t create albums on mobile view) just so I could create an album.

Anyway, I celebrated my first new year with my boyfriend!

Bartender becomes a DJ for the night.

Half of the time, Leo was going around saying hi to his friends. So I chatted with friends I saw over there.

That’s Martin pouring champagne at the stroke of midnight.

When the whole pub is at its peak, Leo, who was standing behind, wrapped his arms around me and we swayed to the music. It was very nice. It was also my first time, that a partner danced with me. It was not a dance-dance. But a nice movement moving along to the music.

I like that feeling.

Happy boyfriend getting territorial.
Girlfriend trying out the licking thing.

Honestly, I think it’s gross. But according to Leo, it’s “my way of showing love”.

Um.. Okay..

I’m trying to learn love licking (hehe, I just gave it a name), but it’s still gross.

I actually was invited to another party to a club with a guy I’m not close with. I figured the atmosphere (minus the guy) would be much more fun. Drinks, dancing and music. But it’s a feeding spot for mistakes. I’m not going to give ‘Making Mistakes’ a chance.

Good girlfriend or not?

I used 90% of my mobile data because I forgot to on my wifi when I downloaded Line Play. I used to play them, then I quit. Now I’m back on it again.

But because of the data thing, I can’t surf the net during my commute to work. 

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