It’s the Holiday!

It’s Christmas eve and it’s only today that I felt the holiday spirit as I’ve been busy for the last week and so. Currently I’m sitting at my computer desk, listening to christmas songs on Spotify.

I didn’t have money for a tree this year. πŸ™ So my house just looks as normal as any other day. Christmas used to be a big event in my family. But everything changed now. πŸ™

I’m off work until January next year, and it feels like a mini holiday. I’m not sure what should I do with these precious off-days.
Should I rest? Or work on my side projects – been meaning to restart Kawaii Paste? Or spend time with my family?


I’m waiting for my sister to finish bathing right now, and maybe I’ll get a cheap tiny tree for Christmas. Or maybe huge presents to make up for lack of christmas look.

Was a christmas present, guess i opened them too early.

Happy christmas eve to y’all.

Got a small Christmas concert later on in the evening in church. πŸ™‚

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