December is my Month

Everything is falling in place nicely.

I started a new job in a web agency as a Graphic Designer and I got my new iPhone 6 last Saturday. I’m happy. 🙂

Apple products I got this year!

Yesterday, I went for a discussion, and something exciting could be happening in my life early next year. /fingers crossed!

I think I can finally take care of my family. Hired a live-in maid, who happens to be Karen, to clean my house. Yay for clean floors, clean sheets and proper meals! Financially, I’m still tight, but I think I can start saving now. I’m thinking of going to Japan or Taiwan next year. :-/

I started wearing contacts, wearing nicer clothes (there are cheat days, where I look like a bum), I put a little something-something on my face on special occasions and I bought my first booze – Monkey Shoulder.

While at a Thanksgiving party

The Monkey Shoulder is gone, but there’s a party on Friday, and I might bring something for my friends whom I invited along. 🙂 I’m glad that I have friends now. And I’m grateful for meeting them.

I like what I have going on right now. I feel progress, in terms of career, social and personal well-being.

Obviously, I only blog when there is something shitty in my life.
So uhm.. I just have one sentence to talk about this.

Please wait, I’m digesting your bullshit.

2 thoughts on “December is my Month”

  1. I am happy to hear everything is falling into place for you. I tend to blog only when things are shitty in my life too and have been trying to hit both the high and low points in my life when I blog recently. Not so easy sometimes! How are you liking your iPhone 6? I want one but only got my 5c last year and can’t afford a 6 this year.

    1. I’m trying to as well. It seems like when I look at my past entries, there are only sad blog entries. But I like blogging when I’m sad, a place where you can just rant and unload everything. 🙂

      I love my iPhone 6. I thought I would love LOVE it. But, I guess it’s the same with other phones?
      I thought I would go on an App Store spree when I got the phone, but I didn’t.

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