Judging the Boyfriend

It all started when I saw a text message notification on Joyanna(my baby sister)’s phone that started with the word “dear..”. Then she unfollowed me on instagram, and her display picture was of this guy kissing her on the cheek.

Okay.. my 13 year old baby sister has a boyfriend when I explicitly told her not to, even made her promised. I was angry.., livid! But I didn’t want to just start confronting her, she might get defensive or worse, start hating me.. So I came up with a plan..

The next morning,
Me: You did something wrong, and you know what is it. I’m giving you the chance to tell me the truth.
Joyanna: /uncomfortable/ Uh.. I pushed the door on my classmate.
Me: /said a bunch of stuffs on that/ that’s not it. Next.
Joyanna: Uh.. I.. hung out at places where there are many students smoking..
Me: /made a mental note to tell the teachers about this/ That’s not it. Next.
Joyanna: I might be in a relationship..
Me: Sharon (the 2nd sister) and I want to meet him.

You could see the relive then stress on her face. Joyanna went straight to her room and started texting.

When I got to work, the whole situation started getting amusing. I got messages such as these.

“I’m sorry I lied, he’s not in Secondary 2, but in ITE college.”
She’s dating someone 5 years older than her?!?

“He is having his exams now, so he can’t meet. Please understand.”
Don’t give me that bullshit. The meeting is still on.

Joyanna also texted Sharon.. which Sharon then forwarded it to me.

“He stress. I stress. I don’t know what to do.. You both win.”

But the winning sentence came from this,

“Single. Not ready to mingle. Thanks guys.”

Sharon and I celebrated! We virtual high-fived each other over Whatsapp. I bought cupcakes for Joyanna. She seemed pretty alright, no red puffy eyes or anything. One month relationship.. she’ll get over it.

But that was not the end of the boyfriend story.. Stay tuned for part 2, this entry is getting too long!

Dating at such a young age is a no-no in my family. I’m known to be very strict in my family. People have said that I should have ‘relaxed’ on the sister a little. But she’s my baby sister, and I love her very much!

And the story is not over yet, so you can’t judge!

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