Back Home Again

What better way to spend your annual leaves than to go back home(to Thailand)? I initially wanted to go on a holiday, but that plan did not materialize. I certainly do not want to spend it just laying at home(in Singapore), I do that enough on weekends.

The skies were beautiful that day. It’s been awhile since I last got a window seat – and I forgot how beautiful the world is.

Perfect time to visit home, because it was the harvesting season! It was a nice experience for me. I did help. A little. I was mostly sleeping in the rundown rest house or sitting under the shade.

I worked real hard in Singapore!

My farm in Thailand!
Relatives and friends helping to separate the rice from it’s uh.. straws?
One whole day of work! Uncle blowing dusts off.
I do not approve of this outfit but my aunty said, “nobody dresses nicely to the farm”.
A truckload of rice harvested!

My place in Thailand has no phone reception, so I had to climb up the mountains to get one. The last I’ve been here, it was walk-able. But within months, weeds had grown, some taller than you. And there wasn’t any path, basically I was walking blindly towards a general location.

So this is how one gets lost in a jungle.

Standing among the weeds.

The “reception spot” wasn’t very good. I didn’t get to connect to the internet at all – wasted my time climbing. My cousin and I concluded that new technology smart phones won’t be able to get much reception.. 🙁

And that concluded my 4 days back home. I miss home already.

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