People Disliking

You know people, whom you done nothing to, and they don’t like you just because?
People are so judgemental.

I don’t know how to respond to such.. information. I didn’t do anything, so am I supposed to dislike you because you dislike me first? Or ignore it (but how, when you look at that person, and you know how they feel when they’re looking back at you)? Or try to change their impression?

People are so weird. I try not to pass judgement too quickly. And if I do, I try to look at other qualities – which often works, because disliking someone is such a tiring and mean feeling.

I’m not perfect. I do dislike some others, because they were bitches who screwed me over. Like this girl who made me took the rap for her stealing from the shop I used to work at. Or that regional manager who blamed me because he was incompetent at his job. Hmm.. maybe only those 2.

See, I’m 23 and I only constantly dislike those 2 persons.
I think people who passed judgement easily are mean people. They should be judged for judging.

And I just judged them. I call them… the mean people.

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