Happy Birthday to Me

Happy belated birthday to me.

I turned 23 yesterday, yet I feel like I have not accomplished what a 23 should. When I was a little girl, I dreamt of the many goals I would reach. Those goals seems so far away, I can barely remember what they are anymore.

I have been so busy taking care of others, that I forgot about myself. I feel lost in this great big world. I can’t see what’s in front of me. As though, life is one big fog, and you just have to walk straight, not seeing the end.

On my birthday this year, I’m thankful that I have a colleague-friend who invited me to her gathering. But to realise that I don’t have a set of good friends who would celebrate my birthday every year. And that this year, I have to have other people’s friends to celebrate my birthday.

One step at a time. Maybe, just maybe, 23 is my year.

(Missing my boyfriend greatly, who had to go to Cambodia for work!)

Edit/ it was not so bad. I have colleagues who genuinely cared about me. And a family who took leave from work just to celebrate with me. A boyfriend who tries hard to make me the happiest girl.

Why do I need friends from my teenage years? I can start making friends now right? My adult friends..

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  1. Some birthdays are very hard and I am sorry that this one was for you. I do hope that it will be a positive year for you and that you are able to do many things you want and maybe work towards some of the goals that are still important to you. 🙂

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