Direction in (offline) Life

Have you ever come online and not know what do?

I used to come online and go on adventures with my Neopets, spend hours creating graphics or make new friends at online communities.

It was funny. I did tutorials, offered “web goodies”, created a graphic shop, and many others. I even spent days working on this project called Kawaii Paste, a “click and ctrl-v” japanese emoji site. I had 4 facebook likes, including me, on that project. /proud moment

It is because the people I was around with, grew up and led their offline life?
I stayed in the past, because that was the moment I was truly happy doing?
I lost my passion in doing?
The world wide web is different from how it used to be?

I did try to keep myself active online. By creating Merhost, signing up for online classes, doing little design here and there. But it isn’t the same anymore. There is nothing to look forward to anymore. I have many things on my to-do list, but it feels like work, a chore..

Maybe I should have a better offline life. Well, I do. I love my job and my boyfriend. But what’s missing?

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