Seeking Attention

I fell down today. But i stood up almost immediately that James said “no one saw anything”. I think i can be a ninja. So swift, no one would see me.

I went home, and saw Joyanna pretending to sleep. She’s also a potential ninja. When she was younger, her bedtime was 10pm. So, whenever she hears me coming home late at night. You can hear her scrambling to turn off the lights and her jumping on the metal, squeaking bed. I do that too when I was younger, so funny. I thought i was really fast.

Anyway, you know when one is pretending to sleep. No one sleeps pretty. And my sister defintely did not have her sleeping face on.

I was talking to her, telling her how i fell. That my left ankle was swollen and my right knee was bleeding. I think she thought this was a test – that im checking to see if she’s really asleep, because she kept on pretending. But after awhile, curiosity got the better of her, and Joyanna opened her eyes.

Then she said this,

“I was imagining something serious, but its (my wound) so small..”




Whatevs, I think i look badass.

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