Pictures from my Phone 2

Afternoon nap. I napped on top of a folded mattress, on the floor.

At Kyo. Jamayne pecked my (and everyone’s) lips. 😮

Primary School gathering. Wore the same print as JT.
Love seeing everyone growing up.

Went to Bob’s Bar at Capella. The strawberry rests in a mini ice bowl.
Everyone should go there and sit on the sun bed.

I made xiaolongbao 2 Fridays ago. According to him, it’s “a bit dry”.

I helped out in the kitchen. Mostly stared and observed.
Claim to fame was the bacon wrapped sausages.

Update with my life:
In the process of hiring a maid. How many 23 years old you see hires a maid? Half of my salary will go to her. Wallet crying.

Also in the process of planning my Phuket trip happening end of this month.

And lastly, might be signing up for yoga lessons. I will be flexible and sexy.

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