Pictures from my Phone

New grey contact lens! You like?

Was clearing my wardrobe, too much clothes but I always wear the same few everyday.

In memory of my favourite boots that I hardly wore.

Made brownies for the first time – although it was from a premix.

I don’t know who to blame for this. Me or the oven..

Sprained my leg in front of my Creative Director, puked in a bag, still manage to go out drinking the next day.

Daddy brought a friend from Thailand to visit Singapore(my home), and I brought her to Sentosa.

Daddy’s friend from Thailand. Brought her to Universal Studio Singapore. Her first roller coaster ride, and her hands was shaking afterwards.

Mother’s Day so I brought her to eat mookata, Thai-styled BBQ.

Grandmother’s birthday. Bought chilli crab and cereal prawn for dinner. Chocolate cake for desserts. Yummy!

Me with the cake.

Was in charge of designing the poster and respective collateral for my church’s 80th Anniversary concert.

My company does Alcohol Fridays, every Friday.

Other than Alcohol Fridays, we are doing Breakfast at Tiffany’s on some mornings. This is the first Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I love partying.

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