Work is crazy. Been staying till 10pm (I end at 7pm), sometimes till midnight.

2 weeks ago, I had to miss out on a farewell house party because I was working. Was alone in the office while everyone went to have fun. You know how sometimes when you work so much, one will turn a bit silly? I know I did.

Working with a neck rest on my head..

“It helps me think”.

At midnight, I went to the house party.. half of the people left, the other half was watching Percy Jackson.. mehhh.. was supposed to go Kyo together.. But because everyone was feeling sleepy, it was just me and Michelle. We went to Butter Factory instead..

Went with glow sticks around our wrists and on my neck – which I gave out to random people to join my ‘club’. I only partied for 2 hours before going to 28.

Other than neck pillow on my head, I also have post its..

I did reuse the post its! Collected it and stacked them up in a nice neat pile, even though the ends are all curled up..

I also got a new instax camera as a gift! So in love with it.. I bought a box of polka dot film to be used on Joyanna’s birthday.

I think the instax made my family bond closer.
We celebrated Joyanna’s birthday twice. One with our mother, and the other with my grandmother and father, who joined halfway.

Guessed who got a rose delivered to her office on friday?

First time getting a rose delivered to me..

I even went to party with it. I drank, I danced, drunk texted and slept at BluJaz. It was a fun night.

Life is good. Im happy and blissful!

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