Thailand 2014

Annual (solo) trip back home to Chiangmai, Thailand! πŸ™‚

I was trying to snap a picture of my face on the plane, when the flash went off. The guy behind me was most probably be like “This lonely girl is trying to take pictures of herself. How sad and vain.”

For two weeks, I only carried a bag pack. I like my bag, it’s so cute and I bought it from my Korea trip early this year. Good to bring just a bag pack – I can save on luggage fare and traveling would be easier. Hehe.

Was supposed to meet a douche but he stood me up. So I had to go back myself from Chiangmai. Which is a first for me. I called my dad and another friend to ask for help – like “What kind of bus should I take?” or “What should I tell the bus driver?”

Anyways, while in Thailand, I went to the Thursday Market to buy some baby clothes for my knocked-up sister. It’s super cheap, so I bought from 0 month – 24 months. On my next annual trip, I’ll buy till 48 months. Save money this way. Weather was insanely hot.

I did not go home straight after that, had to go to Mae Sai, another village, so that a relative(who was riding with us on the lorry), could drop off a lorry filled with bags of onions. So, what villagers do is that they buy the onions, sun dry them, before selling it back for a profit. It’s very common in most villages this year. Last year, it was peanuts.

The view from the journey was breath-taking. But I rather be on a motorbike than a lorry with spoilt air-conditioning.

Another thing that I did was to accompany Rosie, my cousin, who is a teacher to the kindergarten on weekdays morning. On Fridays, teachers and kids usually wear the Karen hill tribe shirts to school. I wore my brand new Karen shirt, and Rosie wore her husband’s shirt.

Here is the ‘canteen’ of the kindergarten, and you can spot another of my cousin who is a sister of Rosie, Sak(pictured right), and his friend, Por Clik, building a shelf.

One funny episode was during nap time, Por Clik’s brother (18 years apart) had to nap at the teacher’s corner because he played too much. So the teachers and I were all sitting at where the other kids are(which was across the room). When I noticed that the little brother had no pillow to sleep. Poor boy, he was sitting down on his mattress silently crying. He slept soon after I got the pillow for him though.

The teachers had to open school for an extra 2 days because Rosie told the parents that last day of lesson was on Friday, but in fact it was on Wednesday.

I haven’t seen Sak for years as he has been studying in Bangkok and wasn’t home when I visited. This picture was taken when he had to leave. πŸ™ Only saw him for a few days.

I had diarrhea when I was back home. So I was shitting my life away at the kindergarten, walked out, and my Sak was like “You had worms inside of you?” which loosely translates as “I know you have diarrhea”. Worst part is, his friend was there as well! They heard the whole thing. πŸ™

I had to go to Bangkok from Chiangmai for my flight. Slept overnight on the sleeper bus, so uncomfortable.
Once I reached Bangkok at like 5am, I went to meet a friend who was working at Khao San.
It’s all fun and joy as I celebrated the Songkran. Basically a festival where people splash water at each other.
My friend was working so he couldn’t join in the fun. So I hung around at his shop and his friends.

When it was time for me to leave, I went to the airport dripping wet because my friend thought it would be dangerous to wear dry clothes while walking out of Khao San, where there are tons of people splashing water at strangers.

I went to the airport, checked in with wet clothes, changed to dry ones, and bought bad souvenirs.

Well, that’s about it. Can’t wait for my next trip home! πŸ™‚

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