Best Friend

On Friday night it was GNO, Girl’s Night Out and it was so fun.

Me and my colleagues decided to save money by eating dinner in the office. We ended work at 7, and basically chilled till 11pm ish before leaving to club. I think at 10 ish, some of us were quite sleepy at work.

I was supposed to get guest list for all od my colleagues but there was a screw up. 🙁 so one of my colleagues had to pay cover fee. I felt so bad.

While inside, it was really awkward for everyone. Because I wasnt that close to the friend who got us in. Heh heh. But after a few drinks, it was okay and fun overall.

And this is the picture of my friend who I was super awkward with at first.

And that conclude my night or morning, since technically I was out till 5am.

Edit/ my brows… I didnt realise how important they are. They dont look like that now.

2 thoughts on “Best Friend”

  1. I’m glad to hear that you had a fun GNO, and I’m thinking that I need to get a group of girlfriends and have one. It might help me to relax, and I need some girl time. 🙂

    1. Thanks :). I think a group of girlfriends is always a good way to rant(bitch) then relax afterwards. We can’t be alone all the time – ain’t good for uh.. psychological reasons. Haha.

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