Too much clothes. Can’t handle.

Whee! So happy.
Yesterday, my shipment of 100 pieces of velvet hangers came while I was at work. I knew it was coming because I checked my email at noon, and the delivery email said that it had already “assigned a courier”. The hangers were dirt cheap. 100 pieces of velvet hangers, only at $40. It was on sale and I just had to buy it.

I went home early yesterday so I could check out my hangers. But I did other important stuffs first, like buying dinner for my family. Poor family, if there is no one to buy dinner, they have nothing but instant noodles to eat.

Anyways, the shipment came nicely packed in a box.

It took more than hour to clean my wardrobe and to change to the new hangers. I have enough clothes but not enough places to hang them! When Sharon got home from work later on in the night, and I asked her if we should do a wardrobe cleaning session (which means throwing away clothes we don’t wear anymore) and she was like “again???”. It was then I realized that I throw clothes away pretty often. But! I don’t shop very often as well. So where does the clothes come from? Hmm…

This was taken when I’m like 80% done with folding amd hanging all my clothes.

The purchase was worth it. Because everything looks so neat right now! Im trying to change all the hangers into my house to the new ones. But I dont think I have enough velvet hangers.

I probably should review about the hangers. It’s good, thin – they advertised it as being so thin, you can hang more clothes. I can feel the friction of the velvet against the clothes so it’s also non slip. Buy more so that all the hangers in your house looks uniform. Im a sucker for things to look the same everywhere.

Oh well, here is a picture of me looking very overwhemed with the amount of clothes.

4 thoughts on “Too much clothes. Can’t handle.”

  1. I remember living on my own in Brooklyn, with a roommate. We had like no hangers. So I went out, and bought a whole box load of hangers. Actually, I think I over did it. Haha.. But it felt so good. Because we had virtually no hangers. To this day I still have most of them, or all of them. And working in retail over the years. I brought home a few, every other shopping visit. I like the ones with the velvet at the ends. Because they’ll never slip off. Oh, I hate finding clothes on the floor. Erks me.

    Not sure if you like to sell stuff, why not try selling things on or wish. Download the app and try it out. Or you can visit the websites. I already sold something already. The community there is pretty nice too. Otherwise, there is always Goodwill and yard sales! $$$ ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Yard sale isn’t popular here at where I am. I should have donated them but I feel my clothes are so ugly that no one would want it.

      I thought of selling them online like ebay or something. But I think if I sell them for too cheap, I might make a loss (shipping and all).

  2. Do you have charity shops in Singapore? Where you donate clothes (and other junk) you don’t want anymore so the shop sells them on and the money they make goes to whatever charity. I can’t remember what Americans call them but we call them charity shops lol.

    Why not donate them if you do? Or sell them like the other commenter said. A lot of stuff we were planning to donate in my house (including clothes) my little sister has sold on ebay. She’s made a pretty good amount of money considering we would have given it all away for free anyway!

    Hooray for cleaning out your wardrobe! I need to clean mine out too! But I get the feeling that if I do, I’ll end up with nothing and want to buy more to replace everything that’s gone! haha ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I think we have something along the lines of Samaritans or something. A place where we can donate our old clothes – but I don’t know if I’m doing a favour if I’m donating clothes that are ugly. Then it would waste their hanger’s space.

      What is the average price your sister sold the item for? Including shipping or excluding?

      Hehe, I think Im going into this online-shopping phase. I keep looking at clothes online, not buying anything yet (except my hangers and earlier on, I bought 2 earpieces). It’s a matter of time, before I start whipping out my card to really start buying them! :0 I should control myself before that happens.

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