There’s a mosquito in my room!

Ive been trying to sleep, and I couldn’t because my body was itching. I thought it could be my new bed sheet but discomfort shouldn’t bring that kind of itch intensity. I woke at least 3 times in between sleep and its almost 4am now.

Whaaaa. 🙁

Enraged, I used my phone as a torchlight to inspect another new itch on my little toe. The thing about the little toe is that you can feel it swell. My toe is now all red and itchy! And I can’t help but scratch my toe, my foot, my thigh and then there’s my arm too. Scratch scratch scratch. Either that, or I try to resist the itch and sleep it off – which obviously will fail.

Anyway, back to the story, I was inspecting my toe and I saw a huge mosquito on bed! I should have a faster reaction but I didnt want to squash it on my fresh bed sheet or have it smeared on my hand. Then I watch the mosquito flew away.

🙁 damn it!

Now its in my room and I don’t know where is it. The mosquito is having a field day! Im covering myself with my blanket now and its so hot. I wanna stick one leg out to um.. regulate my body temperature. And my face! It’s going to be exposed to the mosquito’s bite.

Please please don’t bite me anymore. You had your fill. I hope you overdose on my blood and die.

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