Spoke Too Soon

Just few days ago after reviving ribbonhood, my site when down again. -.-
And I even wrote on how “this time” ribbonhood is here to stay because I thought I could control my own fate if I got my own reseller.
Life isn’t easy, the host’s (which is me) host decided to do a server shift and I lost ribbonhood again.

What irony!

I’m going to download the wordpress plugin to backup my posts now.
So tired of restarting ribbonhood over and over again.

Anyway, I’m going to be suuuuper busy for this week or the weeks after that. I have 2 design projects going on right now.
One would be a print design for a musical (doing pro bono for my church), and another could be a bakery website design. On Wix.

Wix is bad. I saw my friends using Wix. It was horrendous. I tried to go to Wix, and this is what I saw.

I don’t know. Its almost 1am, and I am sleepy. So my mind is like happy in a tired way. Really want to work on ribbonhood but I have to sleep. 🙁 Oh wells.

3 thoughts on “Spoke Too Soon”

  1. I never heard good things about Wix. Actually, I thought it was something witch related at first. Then I learned it was like a freewebs (now call webs). Those things are great if one is just starting out. And barely knows HTML. But I am not sure if designers/developers would fancy using Wix.

    Hopefully, you’ll be able to figure things out though. Good luck to you on that. 🙂

    Also sorry to hear about your site going down and what not, that can be the frustrating thing. I know reseller hosting can be tricky. I once had one long ago. Now I am on a VPS, been on one for sometimes. With time and experience you’ll defiantly get the hang out it all. If ever hosting yourself becomes a bit much. I provide hosting as my business.. Let me know!

    1. Wix is actually very popular here in Singapore. They have been advertising heavily. But if I were to choose something basic and free, webs is the way to go. I do hope I learn enough so that I can design using Wix. Or persuade them to host with me.

      Hehe, im also starting a web hosting site. Probably not a good idea to rant about my reseller. Hope that this is the last time that this happens. 🙂

      1. Well goodluck with everything. 🙂 Offer still stands, we provide reseller hosting & master type.

        I still haven’t tried Wix out though. No reason to I suppose. Maybe, someday I will. I do like to know about things too.

        Oh if they are a big corp. like hosting company. Rant all you wish… hehe. If it’s like some young lady/guy hosting you. Don’t. Might start drama. >_>

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