March means Money Gone

How did you feel when you first step into adulthood and started working?

I feel like I deserved to take a break from all that proverty and spend because I worked so hard. Im obviously saving when I can, but my spending power have definitely increased. I now go out with my friends, eat at nice restaurants, take cabs when im late and buy things that I like. I feel so happy and relieved.

I know saving is important. And I know that im in a downward spiral. I am actually in the process of finding the balance between saving and spending.

I feel that I have swiped my card too much this month. Look at my what I bought! It’s insane.

A pair of sport shoes because I want to start being fit. Two pairs of earpiece because mine was spoilt and Joyanna (little sister) needs one as well. And of course, the clothes hangers. Greatest buy ever.

Secret buy for the first purchase. The second was free, so it’s okay. And $48 for IPL! How cheap is that? It is a 2 year long treatment though.

And I signed up for Treehouse, online course site to learn about coding. Im hoping this pays off because I plan to do web design in the future.

That is all excluding
– $200 for my Joyanna’s extra tuition fees
– $200 on a new pair of glasses for her
– $300 on home utilities

And ive been buying groceries for my family, plus I recently invested in Mer Host. Oo! Also bought my return flight from Thailand to Singapore.

Insane and I still have future expenses or a shopping list.

– Travel expenses for Thailand trip in 2 weeks’ time.
– Standing fan because the weather here is crazy.
– Enroll Joyanna for more extra tuition classes.
– Perth tickets for year end holiday.

And one of my biggest wishlist for this year, a new MacBook Pro.

How to save like that? T.T

Edit/ Just put a standing fan on Sunday. >_>

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  1. Oh dear. That seems a little scary. I heard one thing people do that helps is to put anywhere from 10%-50% of every pay check directly into savings, and make do with what’s left. That way, they always have accumulating savings that they can tap into when times get tight, or your computer dies and you suddenly need to buy a new one. If I ever get married, I really want to try the “One Spouse Income” thing, where you only use one spouse’s income, and put the whole paycheck from the other spouse into savings. :X But I’d imagine it’ll get harder and harder, especially when the shopping power of the world is literally at your fingertips… Good luck with your saving! D:

    Ange //

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