I try not to do

I try not to do this very often but it seems like my life is ridden with misery that there is nothing to write but that.

A few moments ago, I found three holiday homework sheets hidden underneath my sisters bed. Now my sister is currently away on holiday and wont be back until 2 weeks later. Obviously I was very upset and disappointed so i cried loads.

Then comes the whole series of how my life sucked.

  • I dislike my dad. He ruined my family and started the divorce. I envisioned a perfect single-parent family which didnt happen. Instead he went to work on a ship and I dont see him at all. And when he do comes back, itll only be less than a week before he runs away to Thailand in search of his own adventures.
  • I worked really hard to pay my own monthly allowance. Its stupid really because I now dont have any time at all. I wake at 6am and be off to work till noon where I go to school till 10pm. By the time I reach home, itll be 11pm and time for my sleep for that same crappy routine.
  • Being in a relationship with a possessive guy suck. Especially one who have lots of free time like mine. He wants me all to himself all the time even though I have no time. Like there was once i told him I was having a family day and he asked if I wanted lunch with him. I wanted to scream and flip a table at his face. He knows my situation and i dont understand why he asked that. To try his luck?

Yeah basically this is what I mean by why my life is so messed up. I even came up with potential Facebook status targeting to people who I feel causes a burden to me.

what are my parents for?
Im tired of doing everything. The job, school, parenting, relationship.
knowing i need help doesnt help

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