DAD New Blood Portfolio Review

So, I got chosen to go to the D&AD New Blood Portfolio Review. Yay! So glad I came to Orita because you dont get opportunities like these else where.

Ive been in the school barely 4 months and I did not have any work worthy to be in my portfolio, other than my brand identity Eureka. So I was pretty stressed out. Because I really want a good critique session and I want something worthy to show.

I did manage to come up with 5 projects, which is pretty good considering Ive been in the Orita for 4 months.

On that day, there was also a live brief. And we were told to design a something for Singapores 50th National Day. It was a group thing and I think we could have done better. I did not showcase this when we presented our concept and idea. But I think my posters deserved some love eh?

[image lost]

After the live brief, it was the critique session! So excited. :D I found out I was last to go, so I had to wait a pretty long time before I get to meet Felix Ng of Silnt. There was not much to say on my miserable portfolio but he did wanted to see my previous interior works in NAFA. Which I did, and Felix told me it would be good if I could do up an interior for my brand identity. I honestly miss interior a bit, so Im glad I could make use of what Ive learnt.

I wanted to see more creatives but I wasnt exactly proud of my portfolio and everyone were busy.

Oh well, it was a nice enriching experience. I made lots of new friends too. Although I think we probably wont meet again since we did not exchange contacts or any sorts.

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