Lovely surprise from my colleagues.

Okay, so few days ago, I was working at Rubi as usual. Very bored at work, wishing time would pass by when there was a call for me.
My 2nd In Charge (2IC) called and told me that I must, must go back home after work today. I was actually planning to sleep over at my boyfs house, so ya..

I was really excited to know that I had a surprise awaiting for me. To be honest, I thought it was something like the Best Employer award. Maybe because they felt sad for me.

Because the day before, while working, I saw an ex-colleague of my previous shop, Cotton On. She said that the whole store staff was terminated as one of the staff had stolen thousands of money from the shop tills. I was transferred out because of a missing $400, and was blamed/accused of. The managers there hated me because of the missing $400. So when I heard the news, I was so overwhelmed that I cried while telling it to my current manager. My name is finally cleared!

Anyway, when I got home and went to the kitchen, I instantly knew what was the surprise was.

[image lost]

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They bought so many food for my family!! Best surprise ever because I can feel each and every love emitting from this products! (weird description, i know)
I saw cheese slices, rice, cup noodles, instant porridge, biscuits, etc..

I was actually thinking of working lesser so I can earn more money elsewhere, but this, I dont wanna leave my part time job anymore. I love them for loving me. I never thought I can find true friends again, until I met them. Life is good.

PS/ Ive been hounding my ex-colleagues on Facebook to message me the details of the thief. But they all seemed reluctant to tell me. Why? One was awfully rude though, I cant be bothered to tell you. Should I just give it up? My name is cleared, yay. But I want to know details so I can have my fair share of evil laugh as well.

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