Not Enough

So few days back, I counted my hours for March and my pay, I realised I would not have enough to pay my school fees for the next term. Im pretty worried, but not so because I somehow feel I could lean back on my dad? My relationship with him became less awkward after my facebook status. I mean, my schooling allowance is purely me. He just need to fork out for my school fees.. I dont think he has the money though, since he donated most of it to the building of a school in Thailand. I cant complain, it was for the better good.

I do hope he comes home before the fees are due, so maybe I could ask him for about $500 out of the $700 I have to pay (Heve given $2000 previously). If he doesnt, then Ill have to make a huge change to my lifestyle to the point that I have to skip on meals or eat the cheapest in whatever food places Im going. The funny thing is, my classmates thinks Im filthy rich. Maybe because I dont have a Chinese surname, and he probably thinks that Im from a rich family like all western expats do. I like that he thinks that way, but its not. I dont know how he thinks that way, but Ive been behaving as poorly as I could. Like eating cheap food, saving deals coupon on my phone, buying cheap art materials and going around sourcing for cheap printing shops. However, I am subconsciously trying to keep that (fake) reputation, because I dont really want anyone to know Im that poor.

Since the starting of March, Ive been religiously tracking my every spending on this Iphone app, Toshl. I love this app to bits, and I can learn so much more from where my money is going. Before my financial woes few years back, I spent wildly. My boyfriend, Jerrome, didnt like it very much and made me write where all my spending went to. It became an on-off habit which proved useful when I was thrown in this big money mess.

[image lost]

My budget for the month was $300; $10 everyday! But apparently I overshot it, by a lot. And its not the end of March yet. *cries inside* I did not add in my major expenses like overdued bills, because there were over $100. I will, next month though.

As you can see, I have stupid money wastage on stupid doctor fees. And that I ate a lot. Personal is when I started shopping for my own benefits, like buying a bra after using staff discount and giftcard. It was only $.70 so whatever. I cant remember the rest of my personal spendings though.

Anyway, starting today, I will strive to

  1. not eat during tea break (where I usually indulge in $2 chocolate brownies)
  2. not eat night snacks after school (which ends at 10pm and it is inevitable that people get hungry)
  3. not shop and use the personal tag (I can do this )

Only 3 things, should be easy. Like for yesterday, I was craving for fried snacks after school ($4) but I went home and made peanut butter sandwich (free). Yay, $4 saved! Im still craving for fried food.

PS/ Did you see the new theme I had on? I made it myself. First ever wordpress theme!

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