Different generations.

As some of you might know, Im currently acting mom to my 11 year-old sister, Joyanna.

Today I had a meltdown because my grandmother told me stuffs about Joyanna such as her going to bed late or her not bathing the previous day. I know I have not done the best that I could for her, but Im doing the best that I can for everyone. And that includes spending time with my boyfriend.

The thing is, I do have people who can help for example my 2nd sister, Sharon. But she is basically redundant. Like Id come home at 11, to see Joyanna awake and Sharon on the computer.

I have a weird relationship with my dad where I dont talk to him even if I see him (which hardly happens). So I took my frustration to Facebook, in the hopes that he would see.

Screw that dude who likes it.

He did, and he called me soon after. I tried venting (in vain), all he did say was Let it be or Its all in Gods hands. He doesnt seem to care much for Joyanna, and is still lamenting about the divorce which happened over a year ago. I listened, he did too. Which is a good thing, I guess.

At least he knows that Im the only one holding this family.

The other thing Im concerned about Joyanna is her being exposed to sexuality at such a young age. When I was her age, I was totally clueless about sex and my mind was in Hogwarts.

I believe that is explanatory.

The one thing that parents (or people who genuinely care for another young one) is for the kid to grow up as an ah lian. Im trying my hardest but there is so much I can lecture her for. In time, she will grow up and rebel.

In desperation, I called her school asking to talk to her teacher. They still havent called me back. But Im guessing that they should know how to handle these matters well. Or better yet, refer my sister to a counselor.

I skipped a lesson today to stay at home with Joyanna. I didnt really scolded her, all my pent up anger had already subsided. Just made her explain why she did not bathe and made her redo all her math examination papers again. Since I always told her to draw models but she was too lazy to during the exams.

Im still searching for a way to approach the sexuality topic with her. I read her private diary, and Im not going to tell her I did for obvious reasons. But I find that reading her diary, I gained insight on what she is thinking.

The only problem is, how can I stop her from going too far?

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