Art diary turning into a hate book.

Thanks to all who replied to my entry regarding my sister.

Few days back, I found out the photocopied diary pieces was missing from underneath my laptop. I know, such a bad place to put such stuffs since Joyanna uses my laptop almost all the time.

Anyway, I decided it was time to approach the topic with her. I yet asked her to answer my questions. Which involves very weird stuffs like
What do you think of porn. Or what do you think of sex.
She at first tried to deny knowing the meaning of the terms but I told her that I know she knew and she should answer my question. She wrote on the paper given that porn is bad and that we should only have sex when were 30. At least some innocence is there.

I then ask her to take her diary out. By then, Joyanna already knew where I was going so she yet again tried to deny any knowledge where her diary was. I was not fooled, and got her to hand her diary over. The diary in question was a Christmas gift from someone.

I questioned her about the entry and joyanna said something along the lines of we hate Nicole so my friend write all these in my diary. I was relived that it was not about her and her fantasy. But it was still wrong to write such stuffs.

I asked her if her diary was a hate diary, a diary to write hateful things about people. This was the breakthrough I needed, I think. Because instead of seeing fear in her eyes, I saw sadness. She replied softly, it was supposed to be my drawing diary.


I asked her what to do, and she immediately tore the pages out. She asked me if it was okay to wet the pages. 0.0 wet it? I asked. She said she was afraid of taking back the pages after throwing it away. Apparently she hate on Nicole quite often. -.-

Another whole lot of conversation on how would she feel if Nicole does that to her. And how she must understand that disliking people is okay but she shouldnt done what she did. As that was wrong in so many levels.

After the conversation, she said she is able to trust herself to not take back the diary entries from the trash. Which I doubt will happen because we clear our trash bins everyday.

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