Why cant I?

Why cant I use your computer? Its so unfair! Not happy.
So I was at my boyfriends house chill-laxing when he decided to take a nap. And I was like Could you on your computer screen for me (it was connected to his TV at that time) ? And Ill play while you sleep. And he was like No.

Why not? His computer is basically just running in the background doing nothing, and I cant play? Its so unfair. In the end, I had to play my iPhone games with its puny screen when there is this big ass computer (thats already being switched on) sitting idly.

Early this afternoon, when I was napping, he was playing his computer. Im not going to say he have no rights to his computer, but still.. Why is he allowed a better privilege than I do?

There is 2 reason which I think might be the reason:

  1. He was defraging his computer.
  2. He dont like it when I immersed myself into my online life

But Im going with the latter (had to google that phrase up before I used it. hehe). He doesnt like my interest, probably why years back, he somehow manipulate me into choosing a course I didnt like which ended up in me dropping out and wasting 3 years of my life and money. I still blame him for it, he thinks he did no wrong though. *rolls eyes*

Well Mr, do not blame me when I have a secret online life.

Im not going to rant all day.

Remember the entry where I talked about not being respected?  I worked with Fion the next day and it was just awkward. She knew I was not happy with what she did and although I hate that silent awkwardness, I felt I should not initiate removing that awkward feeling between us. She did try though, she said hi, with a smile on her face. But my first thought was Dont you forget what you did yesterday.

I did not want the same incident to happen again, so like a leader, I took charge and told her (with a very weak attempt; honestly, i was clenching my ass cheeks and toes in fear, and i was probably stuttering a little) that we should try my way of closing the shop. She was writing and didnt look up while saying okay. That was rude, but I couldnt care less. At least, we were doing closing my way and I told her what to do, like a real leader. I felt like I made the first step in learning how to be a leader.

Talking about leadership, I should probably remove Leadership in my resume.

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