Whose fault?

I am so angry and pissed off that i just wanna scream at someone right now.

Okay so, my class ends at 10pm. And my boyfriend knows, he picks me up after school everyday. Thing is today he asked me to text him when my class is ending not when my class ended. But I was busy at class (well, not really but I was into my school work) ! Furthermore, I thought my boyfriend would have the brains to know that my class would end at 10.

So my class ended and I called him, and he is still freaking at home!! I dont mind waiting but this is just stupid. I know I did not texted him beforehand but my class has always ended on time.

Im like so tempted to say
Set your alarm 10 minutes before 10, thats me telling you my class is ending.

Ugh! Whose fault is it?

PS/ I sat on his car and did not talk to him the whole time. My boyfriend drove like super fast, maybe because he did not want to stay with an angry girlfriend for so long. But whatever.

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