Where is my respect?

Ugh! Who do she think she is?
Im older, more senior (in rank) and definitely more wiser than her!

So yesterday, I did closing with this part-timer, Fion. And she was like this know-it-all girl all over the shop floor. Just like Aloy.

//Side Note: Aloy is the first person who is lower in rank and age, and bosses me around. He thinks he is always right and will do what he thinks is right. Whenever I encounter a person like this, Ill go He/She is so Aloy.//

Anyway, about an hour before closing the shop, Fion wanted to do the settlement on both NETS and Visa machines. And I was like No, you cant do settlement before 10:00pm. Then she gave that youre stupid face and said that she always do it like that and how the machines are going to get jammed later.

I ignored her. I know what and how Im supposed to do my closing, okay? So dont talk to me like you know better than me.

BUT, 30mins before the shop close, I heard my NETS and Visa machine being settled! I rushed to the machinese and lo! behold, she was there settling my machines! Doing my job! I was pissed, I asked Fion if she did it (I mean obviously she did it) and she said Ya.

Hello bitch? Didnt you hear what I said?

My face turned. As in I can totally feel the blood draining from my face. Im not one who scold people I dont know very well. So I just had this angry face on and didnt even talk to her for the rest of the day. I gave up. I told her once, she didnt listen. What makes me think shell listen what I tell her to do later?

So all in all, she close shop 10 minutes early. Took out our till clearance (and opened them) early as well.

I just hope I can go back to Ion where everyone is friendly and respectful.
Fion, you just got listed in my black book.

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