Stirring up old musical feelings

I just downloaded shit load, actually 7, of Avril Lavignes music! She was like the first singer I listened to. And I miss listening to her so much. I can totally imagine me younger, smiling weirdly (I cant smile last time) and just listening to her.

Avril Lavigne is always singing some heart break song, and at that time I had like 0 experience/interest in relationships. Maybe what I visioned was some scenes from television dramas.  I was so into dramas last time. Huan Zhu Ge Ge, anyone?

Today, I really wanted to be a good sister and tutor my sister. I came home and did tutor her for like 30 minutes and got real distracted. In a good way of course! Ah ma was forever nagging me to clean my store room, and I was like Okay whatever, Ill go clean it up. And before I know it, I was pilling like hoards of rubbish into bags. Its not my fault that Im a packrat and probably my whole family is. Maybe you could blame it at the fact we have no storage system in my house? If I have loads of money, Ill buy many Tupperware and tupperware my whole house.

Anyway, like I was saying, I was pilling hoards of rubbish. And Joyanna comes in to pitch in her help. And she too was cleaning up my storeroom and helping by moving the rubbish bags to the living room. Then (which is a good thing) Sharon comes in to help.

So it was a funny scene with all 3 sisters squeezing in the tiny storeroom to throwing random stuffs from 3-4 years ago into rubbish bags. There was one moment where I had to triple bag a rubbish bag because it keeps tearing!

Im not one who perspire easily but Joyanna do, and at the end of the day, the back of her shirt was soaked! Poor girl, she just bathed too.

I like today.  Cleared the whole storeroom, moved my fathers bicycle in it too. I also went to the market and bought lots of fruits home. And took Joyannas passport photo with this IC Photo iphone application.

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