Pink popcorns!

Yesterday I went out with my primary school friends as Mervyns birthday is coming up! It feels so good to finally go out with real friends. I thought I was not close with them in school but I was wrong when Cindy dug out a piece of her diary talking about us organizing a study group in school! *tears* I still have friends.

You know I dont really have much friends ever since I started dating 6 years ago. =/

In any case, Im glad I reconnected with my primary school friends! We went to town yesterday and walked all day before deciding on a Tommy Hilfiger polo. We actually wanted to get him a Manhattan Portage bag, which we thought was the perfect gift, but after stalking his facebook photos, we found out he already owns one. Oh well!

After getting the present, we decided to walk around. As Valentines is coming in like 2 days (have you prepared a gift? I havent!), there was this display outside 313. And we decided to take a group shot!

We then walked around Orchard Central. And there was a booth giving out free pink popcorns! You know how Im a sucker for free stuffs. Hehe, check out my pink popcorns! You cant see it, but its pink. And check out my stitch iphone cover!

Hehe, I love that day and did not want to ruin it by going back home. So after my friends went back, I went to find my sister at Cine. She was selling candies at Softie-in-my-Lolly. Im not a big fan of candies. Hello cavities? But I bought a packet of peach flavored lolly from her. Although I know that I cant afford to do that. I think for this month, Ill have to borrow about 100$ from my grandmother to last. After paying my school fees, I dont have any money left. u^u

Anyway, there was this bunch of guys hovering around my sisters workplace. And Im like a little pissed because there was this bunch of guys and just my sister flirting around with them. >:( I have my flirtatious moments so Im not going to talk about my sisters. But the guys are just too much! Futhermore after work, my sister was going to hang out with them.

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