Mervyns Party

Remember the day where me and my primary school friends went to town to buy our friend a present? I didnt snap the gift itself, but the paper bag it was in looked pretty pricey.

Saturday was his party, it was not a big party. I thought I could go and get inspired for my own 21st, but his party was way too small.

It was fun meeting up with my old school friends as well. We chatted about the past and our plans for the future. Many of our classmates have drifted apart and Im happy we stayed.

Birthday boy is the guy with that Fitch NY shirt.

One of my primary school friends that Im excited to meet is him. We were just friends, but in our class, both of us were close because of our love for books. He pretty much changed, from the bookworm to someone (idk..) cool? Im still the same, heh!

I remember the time when he wanted to read Harry Potter, so I brought my big ass HP book to school. We were in class, going to exchange our books when our teacher caught us. Memories~

Well, Im glad I met them and I hope well have more outings in the near future.

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