My life is perfect.

For many months, maybe even almost half a year, my macbooks airport had been down. Its not that I dont want to send it for repairs its expensive. So, I had to rely on my iphone whenever I need to surf the net, or even blog. Yay for WordPress iphone application! :)

Today, I decided to go get my mac repaired. It was payday, and I was feeling a little bit generous to myself. But I decided to give my macbook one last chance before digging $300 out from my pay. And it works! My heart lit up like a kid who got her favourite ice cream. The airport is still spoilt, so I cant be on wifi. Im happy enough for that wire cable thingy to connect to my modem. :)

Lifes perfect.

Until ribbonhood crashed. Yes, I lost all my post and pages. The horror! It was like minutes after I got my macbook back. It was a mixture of feelings. But it crashed, in a good way. I feel like this is some sort of renewed sense of belonging. My writing style have changed, and my design perspective too.

I really hope this last. :) This feeling of contentment.

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