Another day passed

Another day passed, nothing much happen. I did however, went to the 2011 SNSD Concert. I wasnt excited about it, because probably I was in a lousy mood these days. Do you know when youre pms-ing? I do, I feel so edgy, easily irritable now.

I do hope these moods passed, I dont like putting my boyfriend in a spot.

Other than that, Risa, Farhana and I are in the middle of coming up with a whole bunch of internet network. It seems all very exciting, and I hope the idea kicks off. Im already drawing up ideas and content in my mind. When the plan solidifies, I would reveal more details.

Due to work and boyfriend, I dont have the time to be on my laptop to do up Ribbonhood. I like its look now, however am a bit annoyed at the default banner images. I want to put up some of my photography, but I am no photography person. I dont even own a digital camera.

Ive brought back some of my visitors content most of them are reads, but they are one of my favorites as they never change unlike graphic styles. Im thinking of making a minimalist wordpress theme to put up for download, maybe something greatly inspired by the default wordpress theme.

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